We Are Shadows is driven by multi-disciplinarian James-Lee Duffy who is an Artist, Creative Director and co-founder of the cult zine Pavement Licker.


Duffy has worked and led creative agencies for over two decades. In 2010 he founded the We Are Shadows Studio and was part of the vanguard of the street art explosion in London at the beginning of this century under the name of ORKO.


With his painting, Duffy creates with an exuberant and explosive style, inspired by cartoon characters and fragmented childhood memories. His seemingly frenzied technique involves deliberate markings, mixing unorthodox skills and materials, bold gestures, rapid paint spattering and animated unconventional forms, which result in humorous, fleetingly familiar and unconventional imagery.

© We Are Shadows 2017

104 Camden Mews  London  NW1 9AG

+44 (0) 779 269 5571 hello@weareshadows.com